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This is where you can find any and all news media that’s been published regarding Whistler’s October 2018 election and/or the candidates. It is all sorted by date in descending order. (ie: You’ll find the older material at the back.) It goes back to Dec 21, 2016. Enjoy!

  • The new dream team Whistler Pique Newsmagazine Whistler CANADA

    The new ‘dream team?’

    By Braden Dupuis, October 21, 2018

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    Whistler opts for experience in electing new council
    Looking at the wealth of experience and knowledge that will soon be joining her on council, newly reelected Councillor Cathy Jewett drew parallels to outgoing
  • Election Profile - John Grills - SEA TO SKY PODCAST


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    Whistler Incumbent Council Candidate John Grills
    Two-term incumbent Councillor John Grills noted accomplishments over his term in office include, work on wildfire, the new Nesters Waste Depot, the Whistler Community Services Society building and the Audain
  • Election Profile - Janice Lloyd - SEA TO SKY PODCAST


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    Whistler Council Candidate Janice Lloyd
    As a former captain with BC Ferries, Janice was tasked with massive responsibilities, gaining experience she now hopes to lend to the Whistler council table.Lloyd first arrived in Whistler in 1965, and has lived in the
  • Guess Who s Coming to Council Feature Story Pique Newsmagazine Whistler CANADA

    Guess Who’s Coming to Council?

    By Braden Dupuis October 18, 2018

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    Whistler and Pemberton's election candidates in their own words
    The all-candidates meetings are over, the campaign trails have reached their destination and all that's left to do now is send six people to
  • Election Profile - Duane Jackson - SEA TO SKY PODCAST


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    Whistler Council Candidate Duane Jackson
    After four years away from the council table, former councillor Duane is throwing his hat back in the ring. A designer, planner and builder by trade, Jackson has lived in Whistler for 26 years with his wife and three
  • Election Profile - Melanie Tardif - SEA TO SKY PODCAST


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    Whistler Council Candidate Melanie Tardif
    Melanie wants to be the ‘green’ seat on Whistler council. She advocates for better affordability for local residents, and wants to implement strategies to study and mitigate over tourism. She also proposes that as a
  • Election Profile - Jeff Murl - SEA TO SKY PODCAST


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    Whistler Council Candidate Jeff Murl

    Jeff has been visiting Whistler since childhood, and works as a ski instructor for the last 15 years.  After earning a degree in finance from UBC, Murl ran a successful restaurant for many years in North Vancouver, but
  • Election Profile - Brian Reid - SEA TO SKY PODCAST


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    Whistler Council Candidate Brian Reid
    Brian has lived in Whistler since 1992 and has worked at his current job at WRM Strata Management for the past 17 years. For him, Whistler is more than just a home, “This is where my family of friends is and this is the
  • Election Profile - Dawn Titus - SEA TO SKY PODCAST


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    Whistler Council Candidate Dawn Titus
    Dawn is a retired local school teacher and former ski instructor. She says after living in Whistler for 35 years she wants to give back to the community. Her platform includes affordability for locals, financial
  • Whistler candidates hit the homestretch Politics Pique Newsmagazine Whistler CANADA

    Whistler candidates hit the homestretch

    By Braden Dupuis, October 15, 2018

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    Campaign stays amiable, informative through three all-candidates meetings
    With less than two weeks until voters head to the polls, Whistler's 20 candidates for council are officially in the homestretch after the

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