All Media Coverage Related to the Whistler 2017 By-Election

This page will help you become a well informed voter, as it is a "one-stop shop" repository for all the media coverage that has been released to the public in regards to this year's By-Election. 

Whistler 2017 By-Election Preliminary Results - Oct. 28, 2017

Preliminary results released, declaration of official results to follow on November 1

The preliminary results for the Resort Municipality of the Whistler (RMOW) 2017 By-Election have been released.

A total of 1,434 Whistler voters cast their ballots to select one Council member out a total of seven candidates to hold a seat until the next General Local Government Election in 2018.


Why you should vote in the byelection

Whistler Question - Oct 24, 2017

Voting day in the municipal byelection is almost here.

While a one-year, one-seat election might not drum up as much enthusiasm as a regular election, over 100 locals showed up at an all-candidates meeting last week to hear what each of the seven candidates would bring to the table if elected.


Hundreds vote in byelection advance polls

Piquenewsmagazine - Oct. 26, 2017

Whistlerites will head to the polls this Saturday, Oct. 28 to elect a new councillor, but hundreds have already had their say at advance polls.

On Oct. 18, 158 people cast a ballot at the Whistler Conference Centre, while another...


And the vote goes to?.....

Piquenewsmagazine - Oct. 26, 2017

G.D. Maxwell

If you didn't vote on Oct.18, and you didn't vote on the 21st, you've got two choices to make this Saturday (Oct.28). The first choice is whether you're going to vote. No pressure; your choice...


Candidates meeting offers view into council hopefuls' platforms

Piquenewsmagazine - Oct 19, 2017

Whistlerites got their first chance to meet with all seven byelection candidates this week as they campaign to join a council with a year left in its term.


Janice Lloyd striving to ‘make the best better’ ahead of Saturday byelection

Whistler Question - Oct. 23, 2017

It didn’t take Janice Lloyd long to come up with her motto for this fall’s byelection campaign.

“We have to make the best better,” she said. 

Improving on an already “fabulous” community is exactly what Lloyd is pledging to do...


Candidates face off in Saturday byelection

Whistler Question - Oct. 24, 2017

This week, Whistlerites will head to the polls to choose their newest municipal councillor. The winner of the Saturday, Oct. 28 byelection will fill the seat of late Coun. Andrée Janyk, who passed away in June after battling cancer.

Although the byelection winner will only serve the final year remaining in the current council’s four-year term, this fall’s campaign...


Note: Kate Roddick has also provided her complete answers to the questions posed in this article. They can be found in her profile on the candidates page.

Hear from Whistler's byelection candidates at tomorrow's community forum

Pique Newsmagazine-Oct 15, 2017

histlerites will have their first chance tomorrow night to meet the candidates vying for a seat on council in this month's byelection.

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Alon Rimon makes council bid in Oct. 28 byelection

Whistler Question - Oct 16, 2017

Alon Rimon is passionate about solving the resort’s ongoing housing crisis.

He’s also of the belief that most municipal councillors in Whistler are focused on serving their own interests, while Whistler’s housing crunch has deteriorated under their watch. 


Byelection — a barometer of local government

Pique Newsmagazine - Oct 19, 2017

aving a byelection has given Whistler a unique opportunity to visit some of the key issues facing the community currently and drill down on them.


Q&A: Council candidate Alon Rimon

Pique Newsmagazine - Oct 05, 2017

Rounding out the list of candidates for Whistler's Oct. 28 byelection is Alon Rimon, an Israeli Air Force veteran who served during the first Gulf War.


Roddick prioritizing livability ahead of upcoming byelection

Whistler Question - Oct. 9, 2017

Whistler might not be known for its agriculture, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t, at times, reminded Kate Roddick of her hometown of Ladner, located just south of Vancouver.

“I managed my family’s agricultural business, and during that time...


Interview with Steve Andrews on Roundhouse Radio FM98.3

Roundhouse Radio - Oct 12, 2017

Click here to listen to 9 minute interview.

Steve Andrews seeks council seat in October byelection

Whistler Question-Sept 25, 2017

At one point in the not-too-distant past, Steve Andrews was seriously considering picking up and leaving Whistler. Instead, he's added his name ...



Candidates confirmed for October byelection

Pique Newsmagazine-Sep 28, 2017

The nomination period is over, and Whistler has a full slate of candidates for its October 28 byelection.

Seven people will vie for the role of councillor this fall.

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Kalee Eder running in upcoming byelection

Whistler Question - Oct 2, 2017 

When Whistlerites head to the polls for the upcoming municipal byelection, they'll have the option of selecting Kalee Eder's name from the list of ...


Dawn Titus to run in upcoming byelection

Whistler Question-Sep 18, 2017

When the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) council first ... setting her sights on the council seat up for grabs in the upcoming byelection, ...



Roddick declares candidacy in byelection

Pique Newsmagazine-Sep 21, 2017

There was no hesitation on Kate Roddick's part when asked what made her want to run in Whistler's upcoming byelection.

"My son, and what he represents," Roddick said over the phone shortly after announcing her candidacy on Sept. 18.

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Nominations closed for Oct. 28 byelection

Pique Newsmagazine-Sep 22, 2017

The nomination period for Whistler's Oct. 28 byelection is now closed, with seven names on the official list of candidates.

The candidates, in alphabetical order by last name, are: Steve Andrews, Kalee Eder, Cathy Jewett, Janice Lloyd, Alon Rimon, Kate Roddick and Dawn Titus.

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McCarthy to run in October byelection

Pique Newsmagazine-Aug 31, 2017

The nomination period has yet to officially open, but Whistler has its first confirmed candidate in the Oct. 28 byelection. Former councillor Roger ...



McCarthy runs for council seat in by-election

Whistler Question-Sep 4, 2017

Former Whistler councillor Roger McCarthy has become the first person to announce his candidacy in October's municipal by-election.



Cathy Jewett latest local to join the race for vacant council seat

Whistler Question-Sep 11, 2017

Cathy Jewett is running in October's municipal byelection. ... ski patroller, founding member of the Association of Whistler Area Residents for the ...



Whistler remembers Andrée Janyk

Pique Newsmagazine-Jul 22, 2017

At the height of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Andrée Janyk was a much sought-after commentator on national broadcasts of the Games in Whistler. The matriarch of ...


Whistler by-election confirmed as October 28th - Aug 4, 2017

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) has confirmed the up coming by-election date as October 28th 2017. The election will fill the vacant position left after the passing of Councillor Andrée Janyk.


RMOW by-election set for Oct. 28

Pique Newsmagazine-Aug 10, 2017

A Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) by-election will take place on Saturday, Oct. 28, to elect a councillor to fill the vacant seat of Andrée ...